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Thunder in Marrow: Weird Western Fantasy by Rue Lazzaro
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CONTENTSRead more at location 1

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of Marrow Chapter 38 - Sunset Epilogue About the Author Read more at location 27

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project IRead more at location 34

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beastsRead more at location 66

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cougarsRead more at location 77

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“But nothin’. Mr. Priest.Read more at location 92

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already was alreadyRead more at location 116

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which was came fromRead more at location 135

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“‘Cides,Read more at location 145

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becoming to beRead more at location 158

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can’t helpRead more at location 197

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He wanted makeRead more at location 223

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Hello, I am Alfonso Babygraves of Babygraves Pizza. If you find yourself hungry out there in the frontier, Mabel and I would love to welcome you to our newest location in Pilgrim's Landing. It's no secret that Babygraves Pizzeria uses only the finest ingredients and serves the only food officially sanctioned by the his holiness, the Pope.Read more at location 227

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"Barer of happiness indeed,"Read more at location 305

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jerkys,Read more at location 344

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dandy values1Read more at location 414

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peeked his head out outRead more at location 489

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selling off to of the line goodsRead more at location 540

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it’s time headed homeRead more at location 620

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pass-- aRead more at location 635

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a friendly and passer-by.Read more at location 637

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"The mines that-a-way,”Read more at location 652

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haul coming up, I’mRead more at location 692

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as if he despised woman altogether.Read more at location 762

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scaleyRead more at location 787

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Skrud'll be still beRead more at location 985

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annabelle?Read more at location 1091

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He one of theRead more at location 1206

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Sawyer Shouter. Eunice Rootpuller. Joshua Stone.Read more at location 1231

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He pointed at Joshua Slone, who had his hand up.Read more at location 1275

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Your welcome,Read more at location 1317

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The town of marrowRead more at location 1725

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He had to act as if Jag would,Read more at location 1788

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-- that thing still inside of him, covered in blue barbicide.Read more at location 1807

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the less creaturesRead more at location 1841

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stomachesRead more at location 1844

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caitlynRead more at location 1877

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He took a deep drag and leg the smoke dance around his tired face.Read more at location 1891

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“Not sure what your church has use got out here,”Read more at location 1902

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the mans hand,Read more at location 1918

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Spirits WithinRead more at location 1959

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wearing the night sky."Read more at location 2004

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things hand.Read more at location 2013

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creatures gripRead more at location 2021

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“The stag mentioned spirits, he didn’t mean the whiskey, did he?”Read more at location 2029

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an true-kinRead more at location 2076

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Golden Son,Read more at location 2082

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bullet riddenRead more at location 2131

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woman and children."Read more at location 2144

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ill fittingRead more at location 2205

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The cardinal looked Victoria,Read more at location 2218

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He almost had wished he hadn’t.Read more at location 2218

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cardinals belongingsRead more at location 2235

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a enormousRead more at location 2237

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non-senseRead more at location 2530

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I bet your hammered,"Read more at location 2654

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dear-like apparition.Read more at location 2663

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bed rooms.Read more at location 2710

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and mudded the roads.Read more at location 2713

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parasites jagged teethRead more at location 2732

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pork pie hat,Read more at location 2788

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every single last shot count, Sheriff. Hell "Read more at location 2847

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barbicide.Read more at location 2919

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the horses' face.Read more at location 2924

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stammered off to the north, following the signs to Galendis. EpilogueRead more at location 3021

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landed Miles Tangler’s sleeve.Read more at location 3068

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go-ers,Read more at location 3099

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business menRead more at location 3099

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and lead Harold to the receiving room.Read more at location 3130

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wearing a ashRead more at location 3133

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I might very well had been the one bowing to you,"Read more at location 3137

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there's now wayRead more at location 3154

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upmost importance.Read more at location 3161

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a few months ago... he is... adventuring in the frontier." AboutRead more at location 3170

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