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The Siblings Who Shook The World (NewHome series Book 2) by Justin Leeper
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Last annotated on November 20, 2015
    -=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=- TheRead more at location 3

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He had been told during debriefing:Read more at location 32

Note: Wouldn't it be briefing? De comes after. Edit

Once in a while, he even found himself envious of their companionship; here he was, alone in his private sector of the Penance.Read more at location 34

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It wouldn't be long until they force their way in, overpower him and take the ship.Read more at location 102

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He had only recently discovered another person was wielded the power of teleportation,Read more at location 183

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With him as their ruler – and the only full-blooded Muerta left alive on the planet –Read more at location 255

Note: Seems he and Seahorse would have the same amount of Muerta genetics, unless Julio III's mother was a close relative of Julio Junior. But maybe this is just not something he'd understand (or admit). Edit

sitting on the throne today, visualizing and reflection.Read more at location 263

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10 feet. Eight feet. Five feet.Read more at location 373

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carefully placed in on the ground.Read more at location 707

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“I’d sayingRead more at location 931

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Seahorse remembered she too had an older brother, and he wantingRead more at location 1121

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boroxs'Read more at location 1244

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I am Kudo." That husky but feminine voice.Read more at location 1262

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-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-   Patrón called this type of thing parlaying.Read more at location 1271

Note: Meaning of parley is closer, but possibly intentional. Edit

Deep breathes were very difficult;Read more at location 1996

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Idle, born Dahl Healy Sandbourn – the adopted son of Shadow Walker, the adoptive father of Seahorse and the hero of NewHome – died. 56 years, three months, 12 days, six hours.Read more at location 2136

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teach her. She prayed she would survive.   -=-=-=- END -=-=-=- -=- ABOUTRead more at location 2303

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