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Still Man Fights (NewHome series Book 1) by Justin Leeper
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  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- STILLRead more at location 2

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Dahl had obviously learned some valuable lessons during his own personal rumspringa.Read more at location 203

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Any weapon could be used against you. Best to make weapons of your body and mind, which none can strip from you.Read more at location 516

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Better to barge in on the devil before you were next on his to-do list.Read more at location 599

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Preservation trumped policy.Read more at location 696

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Naveda herself who would be made to suffer consequences.Read more at location 935

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KurynRead more at location 1078

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TheRead more at location 1176

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Ten feet away was far closer than he was comfortable than he wanted to be,Read more at location 1188

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There was just one lingering exception, of course: the baby. He didn’t usually take his work home with him.Read more at location 1297

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After all, what was the point of being good if nobody witnessed it and praised you for it?Read more at location 1364

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Idle threw a sidekick at the furthest trunk,Read more at location 1429

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The aging adventurer always thought babies were naturally cute so their parents wouldn’t eat them;Read more at location 1452

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“SammulRead more at location 1476

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a source of power than only one could draw from –Read more at location 1605

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Junior grabbed hold of his Ferrico’s ankle and gave it a hard tug.Read more at location 1618

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“We will make for the Lilli Islands, where I can raise her amid the flowers and frogs.Read more at location 1889

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“But to be honest, I just wanted to make sure people had a specific place to name, should anyone unsavory come looking for me.Read more at location 1894

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She’s not even blood… not true familia!Read more at location 1973

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While Idle had said they were headed to the Lilli Islands, that wasn’t completely true.Read more at location 2030

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Put the tarp on the floor; put the futon the tarp;Read more at location 2045

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disproval.Read more at location 2119

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“So eight can be better if they stronger than the 18?”Read more at location 2477

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For someone who was had slaughteredRead more at location 3496

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his wife of seven years, Kate. Follow him on Twitter @StillManFights.Read more at location 4146

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