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The old files previously found at /temp/dadboner.

DadBoner Twitter feed
DadBoner at Twitter Fiction Reader, compiling entries by day and the source these Kindle files were modified from., a fan site.

2011 Man of The Year: Karl Welzein, an article on Conor Lastowka's blog, makes the case for the man and got me interested in making these Kindle versions. On the chance you're reading this far into a DadBoner site without knowing who DadBoner is.


While reading the 2012 file on Kindle, I made note of a few formatting errors. A busted link, some characters that didn't display properly, a few days listed that didn't have any entries. Well, with tomorrow being the release date of the legit DadBoner book of new content, I didn't think there'd be a better time to finally get around to fixing it, which took all of a few minutes. Same download link.

The Kindle files here are I think the most convenient way to read the content freely-available on Twitter, but support Karl by buying his real book in Kindle or paper form.

SO MAYBE I never got around to making the individual Q2 and Q3 2012 files. But the full 2012 file is finished and listed above. In addition to the Twitter posts, the Roadhouse 2012 script that Karl put on Craigslist is also included.

First, the Q1 2012 Kindle file is available.

Second, I think the weird resizing problem is licked. I left all the stylesheet and div stuff in from the original HTML to keep things as close as possible, but I found that removing it didn't change how it was actually ending up on Kindle, except for the sizing thing going away. I guess it was just tripping over those unnecessary tags somehow. So the 2010 and 2011 files have been updated, too.

So I was using the latest version of the Kindle files on my actual Kindle, and noticed for some reason after a page or so the font would become larger. Doing something like "Go To: Beginning" would set it back, but it always changes again. Going back a page after it changes, even the page that was previously the smaller size is now shown larger. Didn't have this problem with the old versions, but trying both old and new out on the Kindle Previewer program on PC I see the same effect with both. Would fix it if I could, but I'm really not sure what the problem is; a cursory glance at the HTML source isn't revealing anything to me. If you've got an idea, give me a shout. The HTML found in the /old directory is really only different from the version used for Kindle processing in that it doesn't have a bunch of extra br tags in to keep the Kindle from indenting everything.

While compiling the 2010 entries for the first time a few months ago, I wrote down all the steps I took so I could more quickly replicate the results with the full 2011 set a few days later. I figure this information might be of use to someone out there. Even if you're not looking to exactly replicate the process of taking Twitter Fiction Reader pages and compiling them into a Kindle end product, perhaps in the more general sense you could get some pointers for how to go about mass modification tasks.

How To

Before doing a Q1 2012 file I decided to make some fixes and improvements to the existing 2010 and 2011 files.

  • Table of Contents is now accessible from the "Go to..." menu.
  • Months are treated as chapters, so hitting left/right on the 5-way button (and surely some equivalent on the touch model) lets you quickly shift months.
  • As is Kindle book norm, opening for the first time starts you with the actual content rather than table of contents.
  • In the book list, Karl Welzein shows as the author.
  • Modified cover. Thought that since some border was necessary to fit the title in it would be best to have border on all sides, but it just looked smaller. Now there's just a bit of border on left/right sides, other than the bar at the bottom where the title is.
  • There was a short bit in 2011 where apostraphes were instead showing as ’. That’s been changed.

The downside is if you made highlights and notes on the previous version, they won't apply to this version.

DadBoner 2010 (124 KB)
DadBoner 2011 (492 KB)
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