Anicro Desapro Programming Stuff You Could Help Me With?

I'm using Visual Basic 5 CCE. Here I'll list things I'm having troubles with, or just have no idea where to start.

I'm working on making Anicro Desapro support the ability to save groups of designs to files. I'm doing it random access, but I can't figure out how to delete records. It seems like such an obvious feature to go along with the ability to add new records, but if it's there everyplace I've checked so far has just happened to not mention it. Some places have mentioned making ways to mark records as being empty, but that's goofy and wasteful. Is there any way I can just make the file cut out the last record, or will I need to make it copy everything except the last into a temporary new file to achieve the same effect? Upon further investigation, it seems the last thing I mentioned there is the route I'll have to take.

PNG. It's been specifically requested, and I like it as a format. I've never dealt directly with using image files with VB that aren't natively supported, though. I'd prefer it not require a DLL, since that would be extra hassle for the user.

In the ACS window, I have it list the pictures contained within the file. As it is, rearranging images within a file is a bit of a chore. I've explored two possible solutions, but haven't gotten either to work. One is making it so that when you use the button to move an image's place in the file one up or down, that entry will still be highlighted, so one can easily hit Move Up 5 times in a row or whatever. However, I haven't figured out how to make a certain entry be selected by code, so whenever the list changes, it defaults to nothing being selected. I then tried using a Drag List control I found at, which directly allowed dragging things around in the list, and it worked great. However, when I save, leave, and later try to reopen the file in VB, it gives me a Run-time error '0', which pretty much stops me in my tracks. Got it.

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