Anicro Desapro
Animal Crossing Design Aid Program

For you history buffs out there, older information and pictures can still be found at the temporary location I set up here.

In short, the program lets you take BMP, GIF, and JPEG images of any size, and turn them into designs that are kosher with Animal Crossing's palettes.

Quick useage guide, so you can get going ASAP:
Click on the lone image at the top-left of the program to choose a different image.
You then choose one of the two buttons below, which are slightly different methods of choosing colors.
Once the 16 result images are up, you click on one and it will bring up a larger view of the design.
The options below have to do with how the larger design will look; they should be easy enough to figure out.

Most recent version: January 16, 2007

Program Progress
Two most recent entries:
June 22/23, 2003 - The only change from the last version is the addition to send patterns to your account at Animal Crossing Community. You must be logged in there (in the way that if you went to the site, you would automatically be due to cookies) for it to work. Simply have the design loaded in the Design View window, and use the new button, "Send to ACC". It will ask for a title for your pattern (up to 100 characters), open up a new browser window, and bring you to your new pattern. There's currently no way to edit ACC patterns directly from Anicro Desapro, though.
March 12, 2003 - I fixed a stupid bug tonight. If you have an ACS file saved with anything of palette 16, it thought it was invalid when it opened. I had it check the palette numbers to make sure it was a legit value, but I got "16 palettes" and "15 colors per palette" mixed up.

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